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We hit the opening video for tonight's show, which will feature the debut of Johnny Impact! After we look back at everything that happened on last week's show, we see footage from backstage where Jeff Jarrett and the American Top Team guys get in each other's faces and ahve to be separated by the badass strikebreaker known as Scott D'Amore. Jarrett makes the most hilarious statement of the year when he goes, "You gonna pay him the money I'm paying him?" James Storm comes out to back Jarrett up, and half of what's said here on out gets bleeped.

We then see footage of American Top Team showing up at the arena with Lashley and blowing Jarrett off. Then we go backstage where Jim Cornette gives the crew a pep talk, and he has a reputation for being bombastic, but nobody's going to be sitting on their ass drawing a check from corporate of getting their life plastered on TMZ. Tonight, 20 men are in a Gauntlet for the GFW World Title, and he expects chaos in the ring tonight. He doesn't care who wins, but the only question is which of them it's going to be.

OVE vs Heat Seekers

OVE hits a couple of big boots to knock the Heat seekers to the floor, then takes them out with stereo dives. Back in the ring where OVE hits a series of fluid double teams and...MORE BIG BOOTS! Jake catches one of them on a leapfrog attempt and counters to a death valley driver. Dave gives one Heat Seeker a facebuster on the ring apron, then a double big boot finishes the other.

Winners: OVE

Okay, I think they're pretty good at big boots.

Jim Cornette gets a visit from Eli Drake, who wants to apologize if he rubbed Cornette wrong last week. He tries to explain he didn't mean he was #1 in the gauntlet, just #1 in the world. Cornette asks if Drake will leave him alone if he gives him a different number, then says he's #2. Drake isn't happy, but Cornette says he'll be fine.

We get a video package of what happened last week when Taryn Terrell returned to GFW to cost Gail Kim her title shot, then we're off to the ring where Taryn comes out to address the fans. That's some outfit she's got on. Jeremy Borash asks her why she did it, and Taryn says she showed up to Gail's Hall of Fame induction, and not only did Gail not even thank her, she doesn't even follow Taryn on Twitter! She says Gail is gonna lie, cheat, and leave Robert high and dry just like she's done to this Knockouts division. She's sick of it being the Gail Show over and over and over, and if Gail wants to retire, she's just helping her along on the journey. Gail comes out, and she doesn't look happy. Gail rushes the ring, but Borash holds her back. Taryn is able to head for the hills, and she nearly pops out of her top like three times during her escape.

We see footage from the GFW tour of the northeast, and we're at commercial.

We come back to a video package of the participants in the Gauntlet For The Gold talking about why they're going to win tonight, then Bobby Lashley comes into Cornette's office demanding to be handed the title like he should. Cornette gets into an argument with the American Top Team crew, and he tells Lashley to be careful who he takes advice from.

We see a video package for Taya Valkyrie, then a video package of Grado's frantic struggle to get married so he can stay in the country. We'll find out his fate after this commercial break!

We're back, and Grado comes out to the ring with Joseph Park and says he promised himself he wouldn't cry, but he's getting deported. He's done everything he could to stop this, but it's not happening. Park says he's sorry he couldn't do more for him, and he just wants to tell him that he loves him, and these people love him too. It's like his Uncle Leo used to tell him: as long as he was there, there you go. Grado thanks Joseph, and he's enjoyed so much about this company...the mac and cheese, the boneless wings, the cheese fries, the chili cheese fries, the chili cheese fires with sour cream, the chili cheese fries with extra cheese, but he'll miss the fans the most. His time is up (the fans chant "thank you Grado"), and he wants to thank all the fans for making his dream come true! He waves to the fans, when suddenly, Laurel Van Ness comes out to the ring, and...SHE'S SOBER!!! She says these past few weeks have been the happiest of her life, and she's a changed woman because of him. Grado is the peanut butter to her jelly, the whipped cream to her Twinkie, the BBQ sauce to her ribs (Park is getting emotional in the corner), and there's just one small thing she wants to ask him. She gets down on one knee, and Park hands her the mic so she can ask Grado if he will marry her? She has a ring she holds out to him, and Grado says "YES! YES! YES!" They prance around the ring and she dips him to make out with him. Well, this is the damndest thing I think I've seen this week. Uh oh, here comes Kongo Kong...but Mahabali Shera is standing in his way! Kong backs off.

Cornette has Eddie Edwards in his office, and they reminisce about meeting the night after Eddie Edwards broke his elbow in Boston. Cornette says Eddie had more guts than anyone he's see in 45 years for wrestling that night, and he'd be proud if Eddie was the GFW Champion.

We go to the LAX clubhouse, and THEY'RE TOSSING SALADS! Konnan asks for updates on their drug and prostitution businesses (no, seriously, he is), and then Konna tells Low Ki to go out there and whip everyone in that Gauntlet so he can toss their salads.

And now, with no further ado...IT'S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Gauntlet For The Gold For The GFW World Title

Our first two participants are Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake, and not much happens until Mario Bokara enters at #2. Drake lays Eddie out, then turns his attention to Bokara. Eddie Kingston emerges at #4 and lays Eddie out with an STO before launching Drake over his head with an exploder suplex. Spinning backfist to Bokara, then a headbutt to Eddie as we count down to #5: Braxton Sutter. He cleans house and tries unsuccessfully to dump Kingston. Nobody eliminated yet as we count down to our next entrant...Richard Justice, the standby wrestler! He comes down to ringside, does some squats, then climbs in the ring and isn't sure what to do. Nobody wants his help eliminating people, so he does more squats. Ethan Carter III comes out at #7, and he backs off from Ricahrd Justice and suggests the two of them tos everyone out. They shake hands, then he kicks Justice in the ding ding (wherever it is) and tosses him to score the first elimination as we go to commercial.

We come back just as Kongo Kong comes in at #8. He destroys everyone, clotheslines Bokara out of his shoes when he tries to backjump him, and tosses Bokara. Kingston tries his luck, but Kong blocks a spinning backfist and dumps Kingston. Everyone else in the ring mobs Kong as Suicide comes out to join the party. He hits a dive that wipes out everyone but Kong, then he unleashes a series of offensive moves on everyone until he runs into Kong and winds up laid out flat. Drake decides to take a breather on the floor as Mahabali Shera comes out at #10 and goes face to face with Kong. They trade right hands until Kong tries a charge and Shera pulls the rope down to send Kong sailing to the floor, so he's out. Shera nearly eliminates Drake, and still nearly does it when Eddie comes over to help out, but Drake's luck picks up when Chris Adonis enters next and comes to his partner's aid. Adonis dumps Shera before turning his attention to Edwards. El Hijo Del Phantasma is out next at #12, and he does the compulsory house cleaning as we go to commercial.

We come back just as Johnny Impact enters at #13, and he's apparently the surprise entrant. He quickly eliminates Adonis, then Suicide as well. Garza Jr is in next and does flippy dippy with Hijo. He dumps Sutter, then goes after Eddie. Fallah Bahh is in next, he unloads on Drake before taking a leaping enziguiri from Impact. Everyone works together to elevate Bahh...well, everyone except EC3 and Drake, who take a break. KM comes in at #15 and goes after Eddie as EC3 and Impact go at it. EC3 and Impact brawl on the apron as Taiji Ishimori comes in at #16. KM shoves him down, but Ishimori comes back with knee kicks and a Frankensteiner. Impact with an enziguiri to KM as we count down to Bobby Lashley making his entrance. Lashley easily dumps KM, then Bahh, then Ishimori. We see American Top Team at ringside as Lashley tries to dump Drake. Moose is out next, and immediately begins dishing out headbutts. Garza tears his pants off and superkicks Moose, but a flying headscissors attempt leads to Garza being powerbombed to the floor as we go to commercial.

Low Ki comes in as the final entrant at #20 as we come back from commercial, and he takes both Hijo and EC3 out with a double shotgun dropkick before going face to face with Impact. Impact picks Low Ki's leg and catapults Low Ki, who lands on the ropes and double stomps Impact. Hijo with a charging kneestrike, then he comes off the top with a crossbody to EC3. EC3 picks Hijo up with a fireman's carry and dumps him to the floor to score the elimination, but Moose and Edwards team up to eliminate EC3, who shouts something that gets bleeped out. We're down to six men, and Moose goes for a powerbomb on Low Ki, but Low Ki counters to a dragon sleeper. Lashley yanks Low Ki off Moose's back and over the top to eliminate him. We're down to five as we go to commercial.

We're back as Lashley runs over Eddie and Impact with a double clothesline, then does the same to Drake. Moose and Lashley go face-to-face, then they go toe-to-toe, Moose gets the advantage, but Lashley spears Moose, hits a crossbody on Eddie, then Impact hits a leaping enziguiri on Lashley, then Drake faceplants Impact in the mat. Moose big boots Drake, hits a pop-up powerbomb and a senton, then he charges Lashley and dropkicks him off the second rope to the floor! Wow, that's big, and he lands right in front of American Top Team. Down to four as Moose catches Eddie on a Frankensteiner attempt, he tries to powerbomb Eddie to the floor, but Eddie counters to a flying headscissors that sends Moose out and eliminates him. We're down to three as Drake goes after Impact as Eddie is laid out in the corner. Drake tries to eliminate Impact, Impact reverses and knocks Drake headfist to the floor, but his feet are still on the bototm rope, so he's still alive as Edwards and Impact trade blows. Drake pulls himself back into the ring and charges Impact, but misses and goes through the ropes. He yanks Impact to the floor, and we come back to the two men who started.

Now it's pinfalls only to determine the new GFW Global Champion, and Eddie gets an early advantage by hitting a dive to Drake on the floor. Eddie with a crucifix for 2. Eddie with a blue thunder bomb for 2. Drake with a rollup and his feet on the ropes for 2. Eddie goes to the top, Drake tries a run upu superplex, Eddie shoves him off and hits a crossbody, but Drake catches him, rolls through, and hits a Celtic Cross to become the new champion.

Winner and NEW GFW Global Champion: Eli Drake

Terrifc match and terrific finish. I said the day Drake came into this company that he would one day be the World Champion, and I am happy to see that I was right. American Top Team isn't happy, and they attack the referees again before being escorted out of the building. Chris Adonis comes back out to celebrate with the new champion.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on, I'll be back on Sunday to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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