205 Live! Results (Feb. 7, 2017)

205 Live! Results (Feb. 7, 2017): Fatal 5-Way #1 Contendership Match

Back again is the award winning writer Al.pYro breaking down another hour of hot, hot Cruiserweight action on 205 Live!. Scroll to the bottom for your quick hit TL:DR results, or stick with me here for a full in-depth recap. But before we get into that, let’s look back on developments within the Cruiserweight Division that occurred on Raw:

...This week we saw all of the important players in the division show up on Monday Night to confront the King of the Cruiserweights, Neville, during what was supposed to be a one-on-one interview with hotshot journalist Austin Aries.

... Neville was interrupted by Cedric Alexander who was interrupted by Noam Dar who was interrupted by Jack Gallagher who was interrupted by Tony Nese who was interrupted by TJ Perkins whose coronation as top babyface Cruiserweight was interrupted by a dab of bad luck.

... By bad luck I mean he was just… not that over.

... All five of these guys will face off tonight on 205 Live! in a Fatal 5-Way with the winner gaining a shot at Neville and his Cruiserweight Title.

... After the interruption gangbang the team of Jack Gallagher, TJ Perkins and Cedric Alexander def. Neville, Tony Nese, and Noam Dar.

... Also on the red brand, Tozawa def. Drew Gulak with a Snap German Suplex in what was the formers Raw Debut.

... After the match, Brian Kendrick came out to congratulate the newcomer and confirm for us that, yes, they will be working a program together. Kendrick has cemented himself as the gatekeeper for debutants the same way Jericho did early last year. Which is a good play for his “This is my Last Shot” brand of character.

With that in our mind, let’s get to recappin’ tonights 205 Live!

... First things first, Austin Aries’ journalistic excellence continues to be put over, as he breaks the news that Tony Nese has been ruled out due to an injury sustained during last night's match.

... In his place will be either Daivari or Mustafa Ali, who will battle for that spot right now!

... The loser, I’m guessing, will be locked in a room where piped in “USA! USA!” chants will be played until they slowly lose their minds.

... Even though Mustafa is from Chicago and Daivari is from Minnesota

Match 1:
Mustafa Ali vs. Ariya Daivari
Winner is placed in the #1 Contendership Fatal 5-Way Later Tonight

... Mustafa Ali is fully in charge until he goes for a dive to the outside, which Daivari evades and rams Ali’s back into the guardrail.

... Ali barely beats the 10 count, rolling back into the ring at 9 and is greeted by his opponents boots. Awkwardly, Mustafa momentarily forgets to react to the fact that he’s being kicked.

...Daivari has a high-impact spinebuster that is truly one of the best you’ll see by a guy under 300 pounds.

... Mustafa Ali takes over once again as

... Near finish! Daivari turns Ali inside out with a Hammerlock Lariat and goes for a pin. Mauro exclaims “FUHOHWAHWOW!”

...... Ali ducks under a clothesline, hops onto the second turnbuckle and hops while turning in mid-air for a Tornado DDT.

... Mustafa Ali drags Daivari over to the corner turnbuckle and delivers his amazing Inverted 450 before getting the one, two, three.

RESULT: Mustafa Ali def. Ariya Daivari.

... Next up, a video package for Gran Metalik is shown, announcing that he will debut next week.

... Lince Dorado is out to absolutely no reception from an exhausted audience saving themselves for the 5-Way.

... Brian Kendrick’s music hits and he’s holding a microphone. He actually announces himself as literally “The Gatekeeper of 205 Live!”. I guess I called that, but certainly didn’t expect them to be so transparent about it.

... The Brian Kendrick says he’s here to snuff out dreams, not help make them happen.

... Alternatively, Kendrick says he sees a lot of potential in Akira Tozawa and offers the newcomer the opportunity to be his protege.

Match 2:
The Brian Kendrick vs. Lince Dorado

... Mauro refers to Kendrick as a “Multi-Time WWE Cruiserweight Champion” even though they’ve pretended through this whole renascence that the belt has a new lineage.

... Dorado starts off the match with a multitude of handstands and cartwheels and a bunch of useless flipping that provides for him zero moonsault.

... Kendrick rolls to the outside, where Dorado threatens a Tope.

... Lince Dorado Asai Moonsault MY GOD! Picture perfect. Stop it, Lince, I can only get so erect.

... Back and forth action as Lince sends open palmed slaps to the chest of Kendrick.

... Kendrick keeps coming, though, attacking relentlessly before being caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

... It doesn’t keep him down long. Kendrick keeps attacking tenaciously. At times, a little too eager, which causes a lot of awkwardness as the timing between the two wrestlers becomes out of sync.

... OK, very out of sync. Dorado performs a beautiful Springboard Stunner but it’s precluded by stutter steps and strikes that clearly whiff. You can put a cherry on top of a turd but that doesn’t make it a Sunday.

... Dorado goes to the top and signals with his fingers that he’s about to do some flips. Kendrick gets up and sends a forearm to his face. The Heel goes to rip off the mask but Lince sends him flying to the mat. Dorado gets to the top rope, attempts a Shooting Star Press, but lands on Kendrick’s knees.

... Near fall as Kendrick immediately pins the stunned Lince, who kicks out at two. The veteran is able to lock in the Captain’s Hook and before Corey Graves can say that Dorado is in trouble, The Golden Lynx taps.

RESULT: The Brian Kendrick def. Lince Dorado

... Post-Match, Aries is in the ring with another exclusive one-on-one post-match interview with the winner of the match. Aries asks Kendrick what about Tozawa made him change his mind on the new face of 205 Live!.

... Kendrick says that Akira is somebody special, and that the two have formed a bond over the past week. Kendrick doesn't know why he’s talking for Akira, when his new buddy can just come out and talk for himself. “Come on out, Buddy! Don’t be bashful!” says Kendrick

...Tajiri’s music hits and we’re reminded that weeks ago Kendrick injured the Japanese Buzzsaw in his 205 Live! debut.

... Tajiri sneaks up on Kendrick from behind, and as the Gatekeeper turns around, he’s greeted with the classic green mist of Tajiri. A small “ECW” chant breaks out in Seattle, which is weird, right?

... We cut to backstage where Dasha interviews Neville, who runs down the list of all five contenders for his Championship, eviscerating each with his snarling, hateful speech. The dude is absolute money right now, and is delivering the best mic work of ANY heel in WWE. That’s not hyperbole.

Jack Gallagher vs. Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali vs. TJ Perkins
Fatal 5-Way to Determine the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship

... All five men pentagon off in the middle of the ring and all the lights go off just as the bell rings.

... For a second I thought the Undertaker was about to make his 205 Live! debut.

... But it proves to just be a operational error, as Corey Graves jokes about the atmosphere being so electric the lights malfunctioned.

... Ah, yes. All 5,000 still in attendance are just ELECTRIC.

... Mauro and Austin Aries argue about whether or not this is an elimination match or not.

... It is an elimination match, apparently. Last man standing wins.

... The action is very fast paced to start. Noam Dar talks smack to his four opponents before they all group up to attack him.

... This is exactly the kind of match the Cruiserweight division needs to be built on to start. Fast paced, energetic, spot-based matches that cater to the audiences already exhausted attention span.

... TJP has Mustafa Ali in a go behind waist lock. Ali is able to run towards the ropes where Alexander stands on the apron. He hops over the charging Ali, with Perkins still in Suplex position, and rolls Perkins over into a seated pinning position which causes Ali to thrown by TJP with a wicked German Suplex. Yikes, that was complicated to describe.

... Moments later, Mustafa Ali charges Jack Gallagher in the ring. The Gentleman back body drops Ali to the outside on top of the other three opponents. All four on the outside now, with Jack getting bad ideas inside the ring.

... From seemingly out of nowhere, Jack produces William the Third, which is apparently the name of his umbrella.

... Jack gets to the top rope as his four opponents get to their feet outside the ring and jumps off, Umbrella in hand!


...Seriously, though, Gallagher actually does float with the umbrella in hand. It’s incredibly dangerous, yes, but my God is it something to behold.

... Noam Dar is the first up, as he and Gallagher go toe to toe. Dar gets the upper hand and while taunting the audience, kissing his wrist, Cedric Alexander sneaks up from behind for a VICIOUS Lumbar Check to get the one, two, and three.

Cedric Alexander eliminates Noam Dar

... The match is really focusing on Alexander now, who I still feel has the most potential out of anyone in the division when it comes to success outside of the division.

... Cedric gets a near two with a majestic Standing Spanish Fly to Ali. Perkins attacks him from behind and gets a Springboard Roundhouse for his trouble.

... Mauro: Perkins gets his clock cleaned!

... Aries: His what, Mauro?!

... We truly do not deserve Austin Aries.

... Cedric continues his hot streak with a running kick to Gallagher, who stands outside the ring while Alexander is on the side apron.

... Cedric at the top rope, with his sights set on TJP but NOAM DAR FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Breaks Cedric’s balance and sends him crashing split-legged on the top turnbuckle!

... TJP takes advantage, Detonation Kick from Perkins to Cedric Alexander! One, two, three.

TJ Perkins eliminates Cedric Alexander

... Graves: Jack Gallagher moving around gingerly… no pun intended.

... Gallagher gets TJP up in an Electric Chair Position and Mustafa Ali takes advantage with a flying crossbody! Ali pins Perkins and one, two, no! Kickout.

... Ali gets to the top rope, Gallagher in position to take the Inverted 450! Ali jumps and Gentleman Jack rolls out of the way! TJP, again, takes advantage and locks in the Cross Armbreaker! Ali taps without hesitation.

TJ Perkins eliminates Mustafa Ali

... And we’re down the Gallagher and Perkins. TJP focusing on that hurting leg of the Englishman. Within moments, Perkins locks in the Kneebar, and Gallagher shows impressive endurance by holding on and getting to the rope.

... The Kneebar was established as devastating submission throughout the CWC and beyond, but recently, opponents have been allowed to escape and survive what was once a surefire match ender. Interesting.

... Perkins delivers a Detonation Kick to Gallagher who groggily bounces off the ropes and instinctively delivers a vicious headbutt before falling limp onto Perkins. A close three count but the match continues while the crowd chants “This is awesome!”

... The crowd is now somewhere near four hours of wrestling, so this is no small feat.

... Jack sends another headbutt into TJP, who falls into the corner. Jack angles himself across the ring, runs, and delivers a high dropkick to the cornered Perkins! The crowd with a big pop! Gallagher pins Perkins for the One, Two, Three!

Gallagher def. TJ Perkins, Noam Dar, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali

... The best match there’s been so far on 205 Live! and one you should watch, certainly. This one really showcased the workrate that separates these guys from the rest of the roster, and highlights how they’re forced to do less with more. Gallagher’s desperation headbutts are becoming a staple of his matches, and symbolize so much about the stories these guys try to tell week in and week on the Purple Brand.

... “Gentleman” Jack vs. Neville is going to be a fantastic wrestling match, but I’m also quite excited for the promos that will follow. There’s a solid amount of time between here and Fastlane for them to tell a real narrative beyond “Quirky Englishman v.s Angry Englishman”.

...The Champion’s music hits as Jack celebrates. Neville comes out and raises his title as 205 Live! goes off the air.

So that’s it!

TL;DR recap:

Mustafa Ali def. Ariya Daivari
The Brian Kendrick def. Lince Dorado
Jack Gallagher def. TJ Perkins, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Noam Dar

Another edition of the Cruiserweight Hour is in the books, and another 3-Dot Review in your face. This was a very good episode of 205 Live! with Mustafa Ali pulling double duty and looking quite strong in both matches.

Are you excited for Neville vs Gallagher?

Did the right guy win the 5-way?

Does Gran Metalik debuting next week register any semblance of excitement to you?

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